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A warm welcome to the St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy  Website!

Whether you are from Tunstall, Stoke On Trent, elsewhere in the UK or anywhere in the world I hope you will enjoy this virtual visit to the school.

We are proud of the achievements of our pupils across a wide range of academic and extra-curricular endeavours. This site will, we hope, give you a glimpse of some of the highlights of the school calendar as well as of the everyday life of the school and its welcoming atmosphere. If you would like to follow this visit with a real one just let us know!

Flame 2017 is the largest Catholic Youth event ever in the UK. On Saturday 11 March, 10,000 young Catholics, including a party from our Academy, gathered at the SSE Arena in the shadow of the iconic arch of Wembley Stadium for a day of great music, inspiring worship and gifted speakers.
Mary was still a young girl when the angel of the Lord appeared before her and gave her a challenge which would greatly alter the entire course of history. This week we celebrate the time when Mary said “yes” to God’s plan. The time when Mary agreed to carry our Lord, to give birth to Him and to raise and nurture Him.
Niamh Boyle - Niamh had her long hair cut into a short bob in order to donate her hair to the Little Princess Trust
Hazel Fernando - Hazel's enthusiasm for reading extends to running a book club after school every Friday afternoon.
This week is the 10th and final week of the Wellbeing Project.  The focus is 'Meaning' - Being part of something bigger