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A warm welcome to the St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy  Website!

Whether you are from Tunstall, Stoke On Trent, elsewhere in the UK or anywhere in the world I hope you will enjoy this virtual visit to the school.

We are proud of the achievements of our pupils across a wide range of academic and extra-curricular endeavours. This site will, we hope, give you a glimpse of some of the highlights of the school calendar as well as of the everyday life of the school and its welcoming atmosphere. If you would like to follow this visit with a real one just let us know!

Today is the day that A Level Examination results are published. Once again the Academy did extremely well, here are a few of the many highlights:
On Thursday night a large audience of nominees and parents attended the P.E. Department's annual Sports Personality of the Year Awards.
The guest speaaker was the highly successful local paracanoeist and Rio Olympics bronze medalist Ian Marsden.
From 'The Sentinel' Saturday 15.07.17
Year 11 students into Year 12
The Mathematics Department would like students to complete the 20 My Maths that have been selected.
The current Saints Of The Week are - Left to Right
Lacey Baddeley Y10 - Adam - Layton Brindley Y9 - Amelia Amison Y7 and Amelia Taylor Y8



Catching up on School Saints Of The Week left to right are -
Mark Munden Griffiths Y8
Quddsia Islam Y10
Dominik Wasilewski Y9
Samuel Oakes Y8
Izack Howle Y7
Leighton Castrey Y7

This is the transition 'A' level Mathematics work for the present Year 11 to complete as they prepare for Year 12.