International Heritage

Students in year 8 took part in an International heritage session during the last ECM day. The aim of the session was to learn more about their own heritage and also to celebrate the multicultural society within the school and our society. Students were given a questionnaire to complete at home with the help of their parents/carers to find out more about their family history and heritage. During the session students learnt more about what heritage is and had discussions about their findings from their questionnaires. They then watched a video about why it is important to live life with an open mind and to and celebrate our similarities and differences. Students ended by designing a leaf to represent themselves and their heritage.
Year 7 completed the same session earlier in the year and other year groups will take part in one of the remaining ECM days. The aim is to eventually end up with a “tree of international heritage” that we can display in school with a leaf to represent all of the students here at St Margaret Ward, these will then be joined by leaves designed by students from our partner schools in Italy and Zimbabwe.
The students were a credit to themselves and their families during this session. Approaching it with maturity, open-mindedness and most importantly a readiness to celebrate people of all backgrounds, faiths and cultures.
As a school we are working towards the International Schools Award, aiming to enhance and embed the International collaboration and work that takes place within school. This is just one of a number of activities that is taking place this year.
Miss Eardley