Academy Board and Committee

PRINCIPAL:                                                               Mr C E Smith
Leadership Team:                                                     Mrs R Pritchard (Vice Principal)
                                                                                    Miss S Baker (Assistant Principal)
                                                                                    Mr N Brennan (Assistant Principal)
                                                                                    Mrs A Parsons (Assistant Principal)
                                                                                    Mrs E Robinson (Assistant Principal)
                                                                                    Mrs E Stanway (Business Manager)
                                                                                    Mr L Underwood (Assistant Principal)
Foundation Directors:                                              Mr K Daley
                                                                                    Mr S Franklin
Fr J Green
Ms A Jones
                                                                                    Mrs T Madden
                                                                                    Mr M Moran
                                                                                    Mr T Stanway
                                                                                    Fr P Weatherby
Principal Director:                                                    Mr C Smith
Principal Director:                                                    Mrs D Mason
Elected Parent Director:                                          Mr R Vernon
Staff Director:                                                           Mrs R Pritchard
Staff Director:                                                           Mrs R Snee
Business Director:                                                   Mrs K England
Co-opted Director:                                                   Mrs D Campbell
Foundation Governors:                                           Mr J Thompson (Chair)
                                                                                    Mrs T Madden (Vice Chair)
                                                                                    Mr D Coates
                                                                                    Mr S Franklin
                                                                                    Fr J Green
                                                                                    Mrs K Smith
                                                                                    Fr P Weatherby
Parent Governor:                                                      Mrs D Bradbury
Principal:                                                                   Mr C Smith
Elected Staff Governor:                                           Miss A Brown
Elected Staff Governor:                                           Mr A Delves
Clerk to Governors:                                                 Ms M Smith