Careers Education, Advice and Guidance Policy
St Margaret Ward Catholic College
CEIAG Policy
Careers Education, advice and guidance within a school ensures that everybody has the right to education, advice and guidance to assist in decision making and career planning when they leave school. The school follows the guidance as set out by the National Framework for CEG 11-19 in England, the National Curriculum programmes of study for PSHE and QCA guidance for work related learning at KS4.
Section 29 of the Education Act 2011 placed schools under a duty to secure access to independent careers guidance for their pupils in school years 9 to 11.
From September 2013 this is extended to years 8-13 and revised statutory guidance has been published to reflect this change.
The underlying aims of the programme are:
  • To support the national framework for implementing a 11-19 entitlement to Information, Advice and Guidance in England
  • To provide pupils with a comprehensive and personalized programme which offers opportunities for personal development and progression
  • To provide impartial advice and guidance
  • To challenge stereotypes and to consider individual rights and responsibilities
  • To provide current information on the labour market, on access to work, training and further and higher education
  • To inform pupils of the range of qualifications available and advise on the best suited package for them
  • To use agencies and other service providers to provide information and support especially to those with specific needs
  • To provide access to work based learning
The careers programme is designed to meet the needs of individual students at this school. It is differentiated to ensure progression through the different stages of career planning and progression. Students are entitled to confidential and impartial advice and guidance which will be integrated into their experience of the whole curriculum. The programme will promote inclusion and equality of opportunity.
The Legal Framework:
The Educational Act (2011) includes the following:
1. All students in years 8 -12 should have access to careers education, advice and guidance.
A Parsons (Assistant Headteacher) has overall responsibility for Careers Education, advice and guidance at St Margaret Ward. The Co-coordinator works closely with the Careers advisor, the careers ECM team (P Rhodes and Assistant Headteacher responsible for ECM, N Brennan) and the CEIAG Support assistant, G Morgan. Work Experience is planned and implemented by G Morgan and overseen by the LPM for year 10 and A Parsons.
All staff are expected to contribute to the programme through their roles as teacher and form tutor and have access to both internal and external CPD. Careers education is planned by the A Parsons and the ECM team and monitored by A Parsons. The Careers Adviser provides specialist careers guidance and supports the ECM team in the planning and delivery of careers education. Careers information is available in the school library and on-line.
The Careers Education Programme includes careers education lessons, careers guidance activities (including individual interviews and group work), information and research activities, work related learning, action planning and recording achievement. Careers education is part of the school’s PSHE/ECM programme. Other focused events, such as HEI events and a residential for Y11, are provided from time-to-time. Work experience preparation and follow up is built into the careers programme.
An annual Partnership Agreement is negotiated between the school and the Careers Service Service. An agreement is also made annually with Staffordshire Partnership to support work experience.
G Morgan works closely with students who attend college and access level 1 and 2 vocational qualifications. She is responsible for the trips and visits which take place with this group of students to aid progression post 16.
Staff Development
The needs of staff for development and training in careers education are identified and are met as part of the partnership agreement with Careers Service.
Parental Involvement:
  • Careers Service interviews
  • Options evening and process
  • Year 10 information evening
  • Sixth form open evening
  • Letters home re events, work experience and support evenings
  • Assertive Mentoring
  • Parents evenings and reports
  • Grapevine
  • Web site
Monitoring and Development
This policy will be reviewed annually. A framework for monitoring Careers education is now in place and ongoing through an action plan. The plan is monitored by A Parsons and implemented by the CEIAG team.