Homework Policy 2015-16

Home Learning Policy
November 2015

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Policy Adopted
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November  2015
November 2016
E Robinson
Homework Policy
Learning at home is an essential part of raising pupil achievement at all key stages. 
The Purpose of Homework
The main purposes of homework at St Margaret Ward are as follows:
  • To enable pupils to develop independent learning skills that will be invaluable throughout their time at school and in adult life. 
  • To enable pupils to carry out individual research.
  • To enable pupils to practice and extend the skills and knowledge gained in class.
  • To assess pupils’ understanding of what they have learned
  • To allow pupils to explore alternative means of presentation and research
  • To prepare for future lessons.
Setting homework
  • Staff will set homework on Go 4 Schools and in planning so that a clear record is available for parents and pupils.
  • Pupils will record homework min their planner
  • Appropriate homework opportunities should be consistently made explicit in departmental schemes of work.
  • Homework should be an integral part of the curriculum and should be planned and prepared alongside all other programmes of learning.
  • Homework should be an integral part of the learning, and should not be set in a rush at the end of the lesson.
  • Appropriate homework should be set for all pupils, including the able and talented, and those who have special educational needs.
  • A variety of tasks should be set over a term.
  • Homework demands on pupils should be consistent and manageable
Monitoring homework: Pupils
  • The completion or failure to complete homework must be recorded on G4S.
  • All homework should be marked alongside other classwork through the school marking policy so that pupils receive constructive feedback and know how to improve (if homework is to prepare or revise pupils must understand that the assessment of the final piece of work or the test is the marking of the homework).
  • If a pupil fails to complete homework they should have an opportunity to hand it in the next day or the next lesson. If they fail to do so further intervention is at the teacher’s discretion. A teacher can organise and run their own detention (a standard letter is available in the office).
  • Pupils who are not completing homework on a regular basis (more than four pieces of homework in a half term period) should be identified and reported to the DLA (who will meet the child to discuss their attitude within the subject) and LPM (who will see if a picture is emerging across subjects) who may decide to follow a suitable course of action (e.g. report, parental meeting).
Communication with parents
  • Parents and pupils are encouraged to value homework. A letter to support the policy accompanies school correspondence every year.
  • None completion of homework will be reported to parents in the data point and main school reports.
  • Attitudes for Life has a homework component and homework will affect the grade given for this.
  • Attitudes to homework will be discussed at parents evening and consultation events.
Monitoring homework: Staff
  • Form tutors should check and sign planners and ensure that planners are checked and signed by parents on a weekly basis. LPM’s will monitor this.
  • LPM’s will ensure that this is done through regular spot checks of year group planners.
  • DLA’s will check whether appropriate homework is being set by their subject staff through G4S, planning review and work trawl. Where concerns arise they should intervene and possibly pass to the CPD coordinator for further training.
  • Homework check is part of the whole school work trawl policy
  • Assistant Principal for homework will review adherence to the homework policy through work trawl, planner checks, G4S reports, parent and pupil surveys, staff feedback and the feedback provided by DLAs and LPMs in the half termly meeting.
  • The effectiveness of the homework policy should be reviewed annually. This is to ensure that teachers and parents are completely clear about what is expected of pupils in terms of homework and how it should be organized and managed.
  • Parents/carers feel that their child receives sufficient homework that is appropriate to their needs as seen on the parental survey.
  • Completion rates of quality homework of 90%.
  • Pupil voice shows that the majority (over 75%) of pupils feel that homework is regularly set, is appropriate to their needs, is marked and helps them to make progress.
Failure to Complete Homework Flow Chart