St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy Priorities 2015-16

St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy
2015-16 Priorities
  • Improve outcomes for high ability students
  • Continue to improve A Level outcomes
  • Improve outcomes in Science, Humanities and MFL
  • Continue to close gaps and remove barriers to learning
  • To introduce and embed the new assessment and monitoring processes so that all
  • Pupils make rapid and sustained progress by removing all barriers to learning
  • To improve the quality of teaching so that it is always good and frequently outstanding
  • To improve the quality and consistency of marking so it leads to sustained progress
  • To improve the quality and consistency of homework
  • To improve pupil response to feedback
  • To ensure that teaching is always well matched to pupils needs so that gaps are closed and to ensure that all teaching engages pupils in their learning and promotes resilience
  • To embed the teaching of literacy and numeracy across the school
  • Continue to develop the systems and structures that have been recently introduced to eliminate passive learning
  • Further develop pupils’ understanding of others and being safe
  • Develop strategies for ensuring that behaviour around the school reflects the school ethos
  • Develop strategies to further improve ‘Attitudes For Life’
  • Continue to promote Attendance and Punctuality as important life skills for all and maintain the improved data
  • Develop a whole school reward system
  • Develop incisive and developmental Performance Management
  • To improve staff recruitment and retention so that the school is fully staffed with high quality specialist teachers
  • Demonstrate explicit improvements in outcomes as a result of our investment in literacy across the school
  • Inspire more learners to have a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning
  • Encourage parents to engage with online portal and find more creative ways of involving them in school life
  • To develop and enhance the school curriculum to meet ongoing demands and the changing national agenda
  • Develop collegiate-wide approach to distribution of resources to improve efficiency