St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy 
Numeracy Policy
Our aim is to raise the achievement of all pupils and students by seeking to develop their numeracy skills by consistent and accurate application across the curriculum.
Numeracy is a key skill in students' learning and all students are entitled to quality experiences in this area.  The teaching of numeracy is the responsibility of all staff and approaches to delivery should be as consistent as possible across the curriculum.
We need to:
  1. Raise the profile of numeracy within the school
  2. Raise standards of numeracy
  3. Make numeracy teaching an overt part of every curriculum area
To raise the profile of numeracy, the school will:
  • Create a positive and attractive environment which celebrates numeracy
  • Arrange trips and mathematics competitions in order to extend the knowledge of students and give them the opportunity to see practical aspects of mathematics.
  • Provide a weekly numeracy competition for Year 7.
  • Provide a numeracy tip of the week on the bulletin to raise the profile of numeracy with staff.
  • Create a numeracy section of the school website to raise the profile of numeracy with parents, as well as students and staff.
  • Use televisions throughout the school to promote numeracy and competitions.
  • Liaise with partner primary schools to ensure that numeracy is taught consistently throughout the year groups.
  • Create a numeracy section in the school library.
  • Provide role models through celebrating the successes of older students
  • Ensure that there are planned activities in the curriculum to allow pupils to learn and practise their range of numeracy skills
  • Display examples of high quality examples of numeracy being applied across the curriculum
  • Promote Key Skills and recognise pupil achievement
  • Ensure that faculties/departments are adhering to the numeracy policy support document - Numeracy across the curriculum
  • Provide INSET on teaching numeracy
To ensure that numeracy is an integral part of teaching and to raise standards of numeracy teachers will:
Help children to acquire proficiency in numeracy by giving a sharp focus to the relevant aspects of the programmes of study for mathematics. The outcome should be numerate pupils who are confident enough to tackle mathematical problems without going immediately to teachers or friends for help.
Teachers will contribute to the raising of numeracy standards within their curriculum area by:
  • The provision of high quality exemplar materials
  • The use of ICT
  • Displaying examples of numeracy within curriculum based contexts
  • Highlighting opportunities for the use of numeracy within their subject area
  • Endeavouring to ensure that materials presented to students will match their capability both in subject content and in numerical demands
  • Ensuring that they are familiar with the 'Numeracy Across The Curriculum' document which supports this policy.
  • Have the highest expectations of the students and ensure that the numerical content is of a high standard.
  • Discourage students from writing down answers only and encourage students to show their numerical working out within the main body of their work.
  • Encourage the use of estimation particularly for checking work.
  • Encourage students to write mathematically correct statements.
  • Recognise that there is never only one correct method and students will be encouraged to develop their own correct methods where appropriate rather than be taught 'set' ways.
  • Allow and encourage students to 'vocalise' their maths - a necessary step towards full understanding for many students.
  • Help students to understand the methods they are using or being taught - students gain more and are likely to remember much more easily if they understand rather than are merely repeating by rote.
Monitoring, Evaluation and Review
All staff have a responsibility to reflect on their own practice when promoting, teaching and
marking Numeracy. DLA’s have a further responsibility to ensure the policy is properly implemented in their specific areas. Each department has nominated one person for the specific responsibility of Numeracy development.
The effectiveness and implementation of this policy will be reviewed by the Numeracy Coordinator via termly meetings with DLA’s and in conjunction with the SLT throughout the academic year.
R Munden, October 2014