Social Sciences


Do you ever wonder why people act the way they do? Why we dream? How we remember things? Why some people commit crime and others choose not to? Why we stereotype people and why we follow the crowd?

Enter the fascinating world of Social Sciences at St Margaret Ward Catholic College.


Psychology and Sociology are very popular subjects at the College. Students find the discussion topics explored throughout the courses fascinating. They have the opportunity to explore human behaviour and learn more about the mind. Students often comment that they never look at things in the same way again having studied these subjects.  Alternatively, students who prefer a more assignment based approach to learning and assessment can opt for the BTEC Health and Social Care with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience alongside their class based learning.


To establish the value and relevance of Sociology and Psychology to the students’ understanding of the society in which they live.  To develop an involved and critical interest in the issues of the contemporary UK and to enable students to understand and appreciate their potential roles and responsibilities in a modern industrial society


Social Science London Trip 2013