Prayer is very important in the life of our school and is rooted in the Lasallian Value of Faith in the Presence of God.  Each form has its own Prayer Book, which includes examples of prayers said in the Form.  This prayer book accompanies the students and their form throughout their Spiritual life at St Margaret Ward.  Many of the prayers have been written by the students and reflect their concern and social awareness of those in need. 

Praying Each Day is the website run by the De La Salle, dedicated to prayer and replection. It offers prayers and reflections for each day and helps us in our prayer life, and helping us to be in the presence of God, as St Jean Baptiste De La Salle taught us.

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Praying Each Day


Assemblies are held each week for the year groups. At St Margaret Ward we have a rota where Assemblies are led by

The Senior Management Team
The Learning and Progress Managers
The Lay Chaplains
The Form

We endeavour to follow the Gospel of the week and include our Lasallian Values.

Form Assemblies are prepared and delivered by the Form who will reflect and pray for issues pertinent to them.


Every year group has the opportunity to celebrate Mass during the year. Mass is either celebrated here in School or at our Parish Church of The Sacred Heart, Tunstall. 

Additionally there is a Year 7 Mass or Welcome and a Year 11/13 Leavers’ Mass

We also welcome Years 4 and 5 to celebrate a Collegiate Mass and Year 6 to a Friendship Day Mass

Liturgical Calendar

Being a Catholic School we follow the Liturgical Calendar of the Catholic Church. This is marked around school by the Liturgical Cloths

Purple for Advent and Lent
White for Christmas and Easter
Green for Ordinary Time

On our main corridor, our students have produced fabulous works to commemorate our School Saints who gave their life to the service of others and the glory of God