Former SMWCA student Molly McGlynn is a great example of how taking a different route can lead to career and academic success. Molly studied A levels here before embarking on a design apprenticeship at Royal Stafford in Burslem, and going on the become Apprentice of the Year in Stoke on Trent. Molly has since been promoted to become a Product Developer, working with all sorts of clients, including some that require a low public profile about the work they commission!

Molly has designed ware and also works on various processes with artwork leading to the finished products produced. Alongside her full time day job Molly is currently studying for a ‘distance degree’ in graphic design with Anglia Ruskin University, which she hopes to complete in three years or less.

Molly is as excellent example of taking the route of work based apprenticeship to access higher education.

We wish her every continued success for the future.