Blue Whale Challenge

We have been made aware that there is a new challenge associated once again with ‘Blue Whale’. There is intelligence to suggest that people (in the main children) are invited to engage in a series of challenges; which increase daily in respect of risk taking and have in some instances resulted in the suicide of vulnerable people.

Previously there has been a lot of false reporting and hysteria attached to the challenge – which increased its appeal to children – and good intentions to inform and keep safe unfortunately publicised the challenge and meant that children not previously aware were ‘googling’ Blue Whale. This in turn also led to an influx of ‘wannabe’ challenges which also exploited children’s fears and vulnerabilities.

The message is to keep vigilant – ask about internet use, social media and ‘games’ but do not draw attention to Blue Whale specifically.

Any concerns, issues, questions can be directed to  Staffordshire Police who are monitoring the situation and providing up to date information for professionals.