Year 10 and Year 11 Letters

Y10 Examinations and Parents Evening Letter 29.03.21 PJ LB Y11 PROM Cancellation Letter 29.03.21 PJ LB

Letters for all year groups

The below letters and school agreements were sent to parents today along with an updated Parent and Student Guide Year 7 Letter and School Agreement Year 7 Year 8 Letter and School Agreement Year 8 Year 9 Letter and School Agreement Year 9 Year 10 Letter and School...
BIG Bubble Bake-off sessions

BIG Bubble Bake-off sessions

Our Vulnerable and Critical Worker Students have enjoyed a well-deserved Friday afternoon of baking through our ‘BIG Bubble Bake-off sessions’ over the past few weeks of Lockdown. Well done to our students for their enthusiasm and creativity; and also to...