Each year, along with the rest of the schools in the Newman Catholic Collegiate, we organise a variety of fundraising activities and events to share love and concern for our neighbours both locally, nationally and globally.

Students have the opportunity to help, plan and support the fundraising initiatives in order to put our Lasallian values into action.

We support a different charity across the three terms in the academic year. Normally, in the Autumn term, we support a local charity. In the past this has included the Douglas MacMillan hospice as well as our local Parish foodbanks.

In the Spring term, we always support the Good Shepherd Appeal for Fr Hudson’s Care, alongside the other schools in our Diocese. This always culminates in the Good Shepherd Mass, which is a lovely time to come together with other schools and celebrate the fundraising efforts undertaken.

Then in the Summer term, we support a Global Charity. The charity is chosen by students, who work together to share ideas of different charities that the Collegiate could support, and then each child in the Collegiate is given the opportunity to vote for the charity that interests them the most.

Students have lots of opportunities to help, plan and support the fundraising initiatives and this year we will be support:

  • Autumn term: Douggie Mac
  • Spring term: Fr Hudson’s Care (Good Shepherd Appeal)
  • Summer term: Jesuit Refugee Service