St Jean Baptist de la Salle

As a Lasallian School, we follow in the footsteps of our Patron St Jean Baptiste de la Salle, the patron saint of teachers. Find out more information about him under the saints tab.

Praying Each Day

Praying Each Day, is a prayer resource provided it by the De La Salle community and provides prayers for all occasions and for all situations.

Please click on the link below to find your inspirational prayer.

An app for your phone is about to be launched soon

Lasallian Ambassadors

Lasallian Ambassadors are our schools Chaplaincy team, helping organise, lead and evaluate the faith life of our Catholic school. The purpose of the Lasallian Ambassadors is to promote our Lasallian Values throughout the life of our School. They work alongside staff and students from across the year groups contributing to various things such as:

  • Liturgy and Worship: This includes praying for the school community as well as helping to organise Mass/Services and prayer times including in Fidei time. This could be through music, reading, altar serving and helping to plan opportunities for prayer, reflection and encounter with God.
  • Fundraising and Social outreach: There are lots of opportunities for fundraising to support the work of Charities, ensuring we are doing our bit to show love to our neighbours. Ensuring activities are varied, engaging and accessible for the whole school community.
  • Formation and Evangelisation: There are opportunities for students to be trained in leading different aspects of the school faith life, like planning and leading assemblies, facilitating small group discussion, running fundraising events, working with students from our feeder primary schools among other things. We also have the opportunity to share our faith with others.

The Lasallian Ambassadors come from all year groups and all Fidei groups are invited. We meet once a week for pray, fun, planning and training in different aspects of the faith life of our Catholic school.


The five core values of a Lasallian school are:

Faith in the Presence of God

We are a community of Faith.  We have Faith in God, the Creator who sent His only Son to earth so that we may be saved.  Our Faith recognises that God touches all aspects of our life; God is present with us at all times; in everything we do, in our learning and in the ordinariness of daily life.  We can turn to God at any time for we are continually in His presence.  Prayer is an important part of our life and we pray at the start of each day.  There is also the opportunity to pray in Assemblies, Mass and other Acts of Worship

Concern for the Poor and Social Justice

We recognise that each and every one of us, is a unique gift from God. We are made in the image of God.   We each have been blessed by our own gifts and talents.  It is because of this, we show concern for others especially those in need.  If we are the children of God, we are brothers and sisters in Christ and we must show concern, compassion and love to others.  We strive for justice and undertake charity work to promote fairness and equality in a world where the vulnerable are marginalised.

Respect for All

As children of God we recognise that we are all made in the image of God, and this demands of us respect for all people, regardless of their social, racial or background.  Jesus said, ‘Treat other people as you would want to be treated’.  This means it is our duty to respect all people in whatever situation we meet others.

Quality Education

God has given to us unique gifts and talents which he has given to no other.  It is therefore our duty to use our talents.  We each have a vocation, a calling,  We have been chosen to make God known to others through the vocation we have been given in life.  It is therefore our responsibility to be the best version of ourselves, so that we can be of service to the needs of others in the role we have been called.

Inclusive Community

As children of God, all are welcome regardless of ability, background, race or economic background.  In class we work together and strive to see no one is left out or feels alone.  We welcome all in the richness and diversity of learning and belonging as a family of God