Cross-Culture Link Program – Advent Mass and Launch event

Last year at St Margaret Ward, we launched the inaugural Cross-Culture Link Program with our partner school, De La Salle Santiago Zobel (DLSZ) in the Philippines. This term a lot of work has gone in to continuing and broadening the program to include more students, more subjects and events across the year.

The program began on the 13th December with an Advent Mass where students from SMW joined with students from DLSZ via a live link to share in the Mass together. Following the Mass, we were welcomed by the staff of the DLSZ and each school shared a presentation about their respective countries, local areas and schools. In addition, the music departments of each school prepared pre-recorded Christmas carols to share with each other, which were fantastic and helped add to the wonderful Christmas spirit. After this the students then introduced themselves, shared how we each celebrate Christmas in our schools and homes and some favourite Christmas memories.

It was a fantastic event for our students to be part of, to witness another culture and share about ours. As this academic year progresses there will be more opportunities to join together with students from the DLSZ with tasks, competitions and further sharing in different subjects.

Our partner school sent the following message after the event: On behalf of the DLSZ Team, we wish you, your families and the SMWCA community a blessed Christmas and a happy 2023!

We look forward to continuing to see the program grow!