From the beginning of Key Stage 3, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum, providing all students with opportunities to gain knowledge, understanding and skills. We offer the full range of National Curriculum subjects, including Religious Studies as a core subject for all. Literacy is an important aspect of our curriculum; in addition to a daily commitment to reading for all students, years 7 and 8 participate in weekly accelerated reading lessons. At Key Stage 4, students broaden their experiences and chose from a wide range of academic and vocational most suitable to their needs and aspirations.

Our distinctiveness as a Catholic school following the definitive features of Jean Baptiste de la Salle ensures we take every opportunity across the curriculum to promote the spiritual life of the school and help support students to develop their understanding and appreciation of being in God’s presence at all times.

Our post-16 students develop their academic interests in an environment in which they feel secure and with teachers in whom they have confidence.  Together with our sixth form partners, the Trinity Sixth Form provides an extensive range of courses and a wider curriculum that prepares students for university and future employment.

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Whole School Curriculum Map


Language and Literature

Religious Education

Religious Education and Ethics


Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Design and Technology

Catering, Product Design, Electronics and Graphics

Social Sciences

Psychology and Sociology


Maths, Further Maths and Statistics


Geography, History, Languages

Computing and Business

ICT, Computing and Business Studies

Performing Arts

Dance, Drama and Music

Physical Education

Physical Education and Sports Science

Health and Social

Health and Social Care