Biology, Chemistry and Physics

The aim of the Science department is to make learning about how things work interesting and exciting and to make all students enthusiastic about learning scientific ideas, encouraging the scientists of the future. We want to develop all students’ scientific skills and in an ever developing scientific world, ensure that all our students can embrace new ideas and understanding of the world around them.

The goals of the Science department are that students will:

  • Realise their potential through the promotion of high academic standards and expectations
  • Learn to consider their impact on the environment both for their benefit and the benefit of those around them
  • Promote science as an academic subject, as well as its place in history, society, culture, politics and technology
  • Develop those skills, such as questioning and analysis, which will prove useful in later life.

In years 7 and 8, pupils follow a course based on the Association for Science Education ‘Wikid’ Curriculum.  This course has been adapted to prepare pupils for the GCSE courses they will eventually follow

Activities are designed to challenge pupils not only to secure their motivation, but to push them to achieve beyond what they might with more routine tasks.  They need to think more deeply and consequently gain a greater sense of achievement

Scientists use a structured inquiry process to answer questions.  Pupils are therefore taught to develop their inquiry skills by researching questions practically.  This approachhelps pupils take ownership of their learning, enabling them to build on their understanding through experience and reflection 

At the start of Year 9, those students not opting to take the separate Science (3 GCSE’s) will begin the AQA Trilogy Science GCSE course (2 GCSE’s).  The course is broken up into blocks, each with a Biology, Chemistry and a Physics componant.  At the end of each block there will be an assessment to track pupil progress. 

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