Art Department Aims and Values

These aims and values underpin our department vision, which is ‘to enable all students to be able to go to art college’.

The Art department aims to make art accessible for all and to enable students to unlock their own personal creativity.  We aim to encourage students to extend, explore and expand their creative thinking, practical artistic, and problem solving skills.

We aim to inspire students by immersing them in a creative experience which introduces them to many artists, craftspeople, designers and movements in art, alongside a variety of art made across different time periods, cultures, and countries. 

We aim to expand student knowledge and understanding by putting into context different periods of art history.

We aim to expand student thinking and challenge preconceived ideas, encouraging them to develop their own opinions, be able to justify these, and broaden their own cultural capital.

We aim to enhance skills, both physical and analytical; to communicate concepts, experiences and ideas across a wide range of media, providing many new experiences allowing them to discover their own personal ways of working.

We aim to develop knowledge, inspire and enthuse, creating ‘awe and wonder’, encouraging students to question, query and analyse.

We aim for students to develop as creative beings to the point where they can work independently and achieve ‘Flow State’ when they become so immersed in their work they become unaware of time passing.

We aim to enhance and enrich students’ educational experience by encouraging them to express themselves creatively, to feel confident exploring media, and to be able to express their own feelings and opinions fluently, whether in the written or visual form.

Please click on the following link to view the Curriculum overview for the Art department

Art Curriculum Overview