Geography and History


The world in which we live is changing rapidly.  Geography explains why, and helps to prepare for these changes.  Geography is a subject that enables students to make sense of their environment and how people interact within it.  The transferable skills which Geography fosters are an asset in the complex world of employment today.  Geography is about the future and encourages flexible thinking.

The Geography Department aim to:

  • Build a learning community that goes beyond the curriculum
  • Foster a spirit of inquiry and continual improvement
  • Draw on the rich a variety of experience and views to support a coherent and collegiate approach to teaching and learning.
  • Nurture links with other schools and departments locally, nationally and globally.
  • Enable each persons continued personal and professional development.

For pupils we seek to stimulate:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the planet Earth and its people
  • Lasting awareness of the world around us
  • Sensitivity and empathy towards all others
  • Tolerance and independent thinking
  • Preparedness to an active citizens role in the changing world.

Geography is one of the most popular subjects at St Margaret ward and a large proportion of our A level students go on to study Geography at University.

Please click on the following links to view the Curriculum overview for Geography

Geography curriculum overview – brief summary

Geography Curriculum


The department has a long established and passionate commitment to the teaching of history.  We all delight in seeing student making excellent progress in this academic subject.  We have and maintain high expectations of both work and behaviour.  We aim to install a strong work ethic in all those we teach.

As a department we produce student who:

  • Enjoy and see the relevance of history in their lives
  • Understand the progress they are making in the subject
  • Take an active part in their learning
  • Understand that they will find some work challenging and relish this
  • Achieve excellent exam results at GCSE and A Level

At all times, the teachers within the department:

  • Will be consistent in practice and deploy our solid subject knowledge
  • Convey a sense of enthusiasm for the subject taught
  • Employ varying teaching and learning styles
  • Encourage students to question and think about what they are taught.

Please click on the following link to view the Curriclum overview for History

History Curriculum Overview