ICT, Business Studies and Computer Science

The ICT, Business Studies and Computing Department aim to deliver a creative and relevant curriculum which is accessible by all learners.  We strive to develop our own practice and contribute to innovation across the school.

As a department we aim to produce students who:

  • Apply the concepts of ICT to practical, everyday situations
  • At KS4, apply the concepts of Business Studies and Computing
  • Have a feeling of confidence about their mathematical ability.
  • Are ICT literate
  • Have a knowledge and understanding of their progress
  • Work at and to their maximum potential
  • Achieve excellent exam results at GCSE, AS and A2 Level
  • Continue to want to develop and study ICT/ Business studies, whether as post 16 students , lifelong learners or recreationally.
  • Can access the internet and social media safely and responsibly

As teachers we:

  • Will be consistent in practice
  • Are enthusiastic about our subject and believe in what we are teaching
  • Employ varying teaching and learning styles
  • Value all student and staff and students
  • Expect high standards of behaviour, punctuality and work
  • Will be supportive of staff and students
  • Will be efficient in all aspects of our job.
  • Will work as effective team players
  • Value our own professional development
  • Share best practice and our areas of expertise within the department and to support the wider school community.

Please click on the following link to view the Curriculum policy for ICT, Business and Computer Science

Curriculum Review Business, Computer Science and ICT