Touching Hearts

As a Catholic School, that is part of the Newman Catholic Collegiate and following in the vision of St. Jean Baptist De La Salle, we believe in a school curriculum that is ‘teaching minds, touching hearts and transforming lives.’ The ‘touching hearts’ aspect of our curriculum is one that wraps around the child. Our aim is to teach our children that they are all a gift from God, made in the image of God and living in the presence of God.  We want all of our young people to understand themselves, those around them, their community and the wider world and we want to form young Lasallian’s who know that they are loved and always remember that they are ‘in the presence of God’. We want to provide them with opportunities to explore and understand the world around them so that they may grow as individuals who love and respect each other and work in service to those around them. This curriculum provides equality of opportunity and a chance to experience and engage in a wealth of experiences that will enhance lives and provide opportunities for the future.

The Touching Hearts curriculum at St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy is a bespoke curriculum that encompasses all areas of formation, including RSE, PSHE and CIEAG. It is delivered through assemblies, Fidei time once a week, a timetabled lesson once a fortnight calendared sessions and ad hoc presentations where appropriate.

We are proud to work with a variety of partners and agencies who support us in delivering this curriculum. These include: NSPCC, Careers Enterprise Council, Quality in Careers, Red Cross, Public Health, CAFOD, New Vic Theatre, local employers, local sports providers, Dove, Younger Minds, NCS, Higher Horizons and KMF (this list is not exhaustive).