Two teams of Year 7, 8 and 9 students competed in the First Tech Challenge robotics event at the Concorde Conference Centre in Manchester on Friday 15th March. Each team had their own ‘pit lane’ underneath a genuine Concorde airliner and spent the day building and programming their robots before competing against other schools. They were interviewed by a panel of judges, and one of the teams was shortlisted for several awards! Team 1, Prometheus, even managed to come second in the individual rankings out of 100 teams! That’s an astonishing achievement, especially considering that they had one of the youngest average ages of all the teams.

This is all due to the hard work and effort of our amazing students over the last few months. It was amazing to see a thousand young people from Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire working together and even giving help and advice to their competition. One of the event staff approached us at the end of the event to say how impressed he was with the maturity and composure of our students. Both teams were matched against older groups (mostly Year 10, 11 and Sixth Form) and the staff noticed how well they did. 

Two of our students – E.S. (Y7) and A.G-G. (Y8) volunteered to present awards at the end of the night, and were confident and articulate. Well done! 

On the way home, both teams talked excitedly about how they could do better next year, and are already planning to try to win awards in 2020! It was an amazing day and we are very, very proud of our students for everything they achieved.