On Tuesday 4th February 2020, St Margaret Ward took two teams of students to compete in the First Tech Challenge West Midlands regional tournament, an international robotics competition with 30,000 competitors worldwide! Both Artemis and Prometheus were in the running for several prizes and they both showed a level of professionalism and conduct that made the school very proud.

Team Prometheus won the main prize, the Inspire Award! This meant that not only was their robot consistent, but they also excelled in an interview with the judges. They won for:
Having a consistent, well-designed robot that performed well in the competition.
Showing gracious professionalism by helping other teams.
Sharing equipment with a team in need.
Being mature, professional and articulate.
Being great sportsmen, such as shaking hands with their competitors every time.
Engaging with local businesses, and inviting a local business to see them at the competition.
Communicating effectively via social media.
They were described as being “role models” for all of the other teams present.

They now progress as regional winners to the national final in London on March 27th and 28th. The top 5 in London will go on to the world finals in the USA in May, so they will be working hard to excel even more!

There is one way that many people in our community can help, though. Could you follow them on social media, if you have it? It plays a part in their success!

Twitter: @smw_ftc
Instagram: @smwca_prometheus

Congratulations to both teams for their incredible conduct and progress, and good luck next month to Team Prometheus!