The 27th January marks Holocaust Memorial Day, which we have been commemorating this week in school. This date is significant as it marks the date of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. We have marked this important date in school with Year group assemblies throughout the week led by Mrs Bennion, sharing the story of the language of Esperanto, with its admirable goal of breaking down barriers to help build a more peaceful world.

On the 27th itself we will have a special reflection, focussed on the history of Holocaust Memorial Day, looking at examples of ordinary people who were affected and ultimately lost their lives due to the persecution of the Nazi regime. Students will also spend time reflecting on the importance of ordinary people making extraordinary choices that saved people’s lives and how we can have the courage to make good choices as well.

We are praying for the victims of all genocides across the world and throughout history as, sadly, it is a crime that has affected many different communities and cultures in our world. Below you can read a prayer recommended for use by the Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ) and encouraged by the Bishops.

Let us pray, Loving God, you care for each
and every human life. All people
are cherished as your beloved
children, no matter how ordinary or
extraordinary their stories are.
Today we come before you to
remember the victims of the

We lament the loss of the six
million Jews who were killed in the
Holocaust, the millions of other
victims of Nazi persecution, and
victims of all genocides.

May our minds be clear and attentive
to their memory, and our hearts be
moved to bear witness to their lives.

Help us all to turn away from hatred
and division, and to build a world
where genocide is no more.

Strengthen us so that we, in our
own ordinary ways, may show
extraordinary love in the world