We were extremely saddened by the news that Joseph lost his battle with cancer on Saturday morning the 12th December.

We share the pain of his passing but at least we now know that he is at peace.

Year 10 students and staff joined together on Thursday 17th December, at 1.00pm and released balloons as a mark of remembrance.

Mr Bland led the final Celebration assembly of the term for Year 10, later in the afternoon, which was dedicated to Joseph and celebrated his life. The assembly ended with a prayer and a 2 minute round of applause that could be heard throughout the school.


Joesph’s funeral will be held at St Joseph’s church Goldenhill, at 3.00pm on Tuesday 22nd December.

Students and staff are welcome to attend outside the church.

Our thoughts are with Joseph’s family at this very sad time. Please remember them in your prayers.

Miss Grolik said a prayer at the beginning and here are the words of the prayers that were led by Mr McKenna and Mrs Farrer and “The Wonder of Joe” :

Loving Father,

to you the dead do not die

and, in death, our life is changed-not ended.

We believe that all that binds us together

in love and friendship

does not end with death.

Hear our prayers for |Joseph.

As you have made each of us in your image and likeness

and have called us by name,

hold him safely in your love

in your kingdom

of light, happiness and peace.




your son declared ‘blessed’

all those who mourn,

knowing that no-one can mourn

unless they love very much.

Bring courage and strength

to those who now mourn

because they have loved greatly.

We know, too,

that it is better

to have loved and lost someone

than never to have loved at all.

Be with Joseph

and may the members of his family

be strengthened,

knowing that others care for them

and hold them in prayer.




“The Wonder of Joe

When no-one else can understand us

When everything we do is wrong

You give us help and consolation

You give us strength to carry on


And you’re always there to lend a hand

In everything we do

That’s the wonder

The wonder of Joe.


When you smile the world is brighter

You touch our hands and we are kings

Your kiss to us is worth a fortune

Your love for us is everything


And you’ll never know the reason why

We love you like we do

That’ the wonder

The wonder of Joe