On Wednesday 3rd May 2023, a group of 15 Year 10 geography students went on a visit to Keele University as part of the CASLOE – Creating a Sustainable Life on Earth – project. They were taken on a tour of Keele’s green campus, and saw all of the ways the university strives to be more sustainable. They saw the solar panel farm which seemed to stretch forever into the distance, and the 70-metre-tall wind turbines.

Next, they spoke with the 4ward Futures team to gain more ideas on making the school more sustainable and their own lives as well. To conclude, the Lego brick challenge began, building a model of what a sustainable school could look like and, though no official judging took place, the SMWCA students are fairly confident that they won!

Overall, it was an exciting and informative day, that left the 15 students brimming with ideas on how to make the future of SMWCA more sustainable.

By Lydia and Tia,Year 10