Today, Thursday 4th July a knife crime awareness session has been delivered to Years 7-10 by Alison Cope, Pride of Birmingham winner.

We were privileged to listen to Alison encourage our students about the importance of positive choices around social media and the potential dangers of involving yourself in online and public disagreements.   She also talked about the impact on the families of both the victim and the perpetrator whilst reminding the children that they are their families entire world.

Your son/daughter may discuss the content of today’s session when they get home and please feel free to contact school if you feel the need.   The students listened to the presentation with the upmost respect and some of them stayed to speak to Alison and show their appreciation of the time that she has given us.  Her strongest message as she finished was to remind us all about the importance of letting people know if we are worried about anything and many students are ready to give their parents a hug when they get home tonight.