Lasallian Ambassadors

On 17th January, 15 of the SMW Chaplaincy team (known as Lasallian Ambassadors) visited our local Diocesan retreat Centre, Alton Castle, for a training day provided by the Archdiocesan Youth service (known as Kenelm Youth Trust).

The day was provided for free by the Archdiocese in order to help enable students to be better equipped to plan and lead acts of Collective worship (such as assemblies and in-class reflections) and prayer. It was an excellent day, with input on different leadership styles, teamworking activities to put their learning into practice and a planning resource was provided to help equip students to plan prayer and worship. The students then spent time planning a Lent reflection which they will now be putting together for the rest of the school at the start of Lent.

As always, the students were extremely engaged and well behaved during the day and were a credit to the school and the community. We look forward to enjoying their Lenten reflection!