Hi I’m Libby, a past pupil at SMW in high school and sixth form, and I’m going to Oxford this year to study English! I took Art, English Lit and Psychology A Level and Double BTEC Business at SMW. The application process for Oxford was pretty strange- being on a gap year in lockdown- but the teachers were so supportive whenever I reached out for help, regardless of the circumstances! If I had any advice for someone applying to Oxbridge I would say to ask for help when you need it, because it can be intense! And if you pursue a subject you truly love, especially when you have an interest in the niche areas, the application and interview prep will come easily. Having to do the application independently really tested how passionate I was, but it’s definitely given me self-confidence in my capabilities to take on this degree. Thank you SMW for your support throughout sixth form, roll on October! ❤️‘