Loughborough University Trip

The sixth form trip to Loughborough university was an amazing opportunity and experience. I personally felt welcomed to campus straight away, with multiple students to assist us with where to go and things to partake in. The welcoming booth, where we signed in, was also very helpful.

The staff there were lovely and very accommodating, providing us with maps and a free tote bag! We were able to attend multiple lectures of our chosen interests, which was eye opening to the courses offered. This also gave us the opportunity to be in and experience a university lecture from professors.

Myself and my friends attended an English Literature overview lecture. This was both educational and funny! Both professors giving the talk were lovely and seemed to have a close bond with their students, which I think is needed for a successful educational environment. These talks also discussed Uni life, and this was especially helpful for me as I was initially unconvinced about moving away from home. Since this, I have chosen to study away, with Loughborough being one of my main choices.

The staff and students at the open day were lovely to talk to and were happy to give information and advice on any topics we wanted to discuss. My main subjects of interest are History/Politics, and I was very impressed with the courses they provide. Whilst touring the history department, a third-year student explained all modules on my course to me in depth helped me understand what the module contained and the extent you learn.

I found this to be very helpful and this only made me admire the community at Loughborough more. As well as education, Loughborough also had a wide range of diverse food stalls in and outside of the buildings. These ranged from Mexican stalls to German steak house. Also offering vegetarian options which was great for me!

Overall, I extremely enjoyed the trip to Loughborough and have already scheduled another open day to go back with my parents. The university has an environment of positivity and togetherness. I will definitely be considering Loughborough as my main choice for University.