Lourdes 2024

A big thank you from Alice, Matilda, Phoebe, Sasha and Matthew for all the donations to our Lourdes pilgrimage.

They had an amazing time developing their relationship with God and themselves.

They spent the week taking part in daily masses celebrating God, Mother Mary and St. Bernadette and the Birmingham Diocese. They also spent time volunteering – helping sick pilgrims in the Accueil. They took them to mass, explored the local area and made sure that they enjoyed their pilgrimage. This was a great opportunity to work alongside diocese members and form friendships and lifelong relationships with people that they wouldn’t ordinarily have met.

As well as taking part in torchlight processions and visiting the Grotto, they were able to explore the local town of Lourdes in order to see the place of St. Bernadette’s birth and her local parish church. This gave them a better understanding or her life and the years that led up to the apparition of Mary, which made Lourdes what it is today.

The overwhelming sense of community and presence of God was amazing for them to experience. As was being able to see so many people from diverse backgrounds coming together for the common goal of visiting such a holy place.

It’s a magical memory that our students will carry with them for the rest of their lives.