National Poetry Day

On Thursday 6th October it was National Poetry Day. To celebrate, I ran a Poetry Workshop in the library with the assistance of Jessica in Year 13. About 15 students attended, from Years 7-13, where we shared a few extracts from poems about the environment – following the theme for 2022.

It was wonderful to see so many students demonstrating an active appreciation and passion for poetry! We discussed techniques that can be used within students’ own poems, as well as the importance of who they are writing for. The students are writing to be heard – to convey a message, an opinion, and to make a difference in the world!

Following the workshop, the students have taken their planning sheets and started to compose their own poems, all of which will be entered into ‘The Power of Poetry’ competition. There are prizes of £50 available for the top 5 entries to the national competition, and I wish all of the students entering the very best of luck!

Mrs Holdcroft, Academy Librarian