In a new feature we are contacting past students that are working in various Key Roles during the Covid -19 Pandemic. We want to celebrate their service and thank them for their hard work.

Here’s an update from Emily Tabbinor:
I teach reception at a local school.   Whilst this has been going on, I’ve been working both remotely from home using Class Dojo to share work with children via PowerPoint and to also talk to parents.
I’ve been going into school to support NHS and key worker families, both during term time and the Easter holidays, which is on a rota basis for term time and volunteer basis for school holidays.
My main role is to just keep the children happy through all of this! I’ve tried to just block out what’s actually going on by turning the news off but, obviously when I leave the house I find it becomes much more real!  I’ve also loved continuing to work for my own sanity too! 

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Our next wonderful Key Worker is Jennie Loraso. Here’s what she told us about her working life at the moment:
My name is Jennie and I have been a registered nurse for 3.5 years. I work in the private sector and we provide palliative and specialist dementia care at our nursing facility in Stafford. I absolutely love my job and it is a privilege to nurse others at the end of their lives.
Nursing during COVID-19 is a strange and challenging time, but remains rewarding. I am proud of how my team has pulled together to cover severe staff shortages due to corona-related illness and how we have kept life as ‘normal’ as possible for those in our care. Our residents have been unable to see their families or engage with our activities coordinator due to the lock-down, so the nursing and support staff have used this opportunity to decorate our home with rainbows sing and organise games.
In our unit we are required to wear PPE at all times, which is uncomfortable for 12.5 hours, but of course completely necessary. A member of the public has kindly made and donated visors to keep us safe.
Nursing during COVID-19 can be scary sometimes but above anything else, it has reminded me that nursing shows me the absolute best in people. We have received so many kind donations from the public to make our lives that little bit easier – soaps, wash bags, visors, headbands, chocolate and flowers. My nursing colleagues, our support staff and management team make me so proud – I am forever astounded at people’s resilience, strength, their desire to nurture, and their capacity for love.

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Here’s an update from Jas Hullait, a Year 1 teacher in a local primary school:
Our school are working on a rota basis to look after the children of key workers so I am supporting this where I can.  During this pandemic it’s been important to keep in contact with my pupils via email and the class Dojo.  I set exciting tasks and work to keep their minds healthy and occupied.  I send videos of myself reading, singing and dancing to keep their spirits high.
It’s such a anxious time for us all but it’s my job to ensure that children are still getting the most from their learning and having fun!  I encourage them to play outside and get the most from the outdoors setting activities such as bug bingo.  It’s been difficult for parents to get their children to engage in activities and to answer their questions about what’s going on in the world so I am supporting parents too.  I can’t wait to get back into the classroom but for now I’m enjoying doing what I can to support both pupils and parents.

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This is April Perks. April is not only one of our wonderful past pupils that is a Key Worker, but she is also the mum of a student in our current year 9.  April told us: I work for Home First Newcastle, which is a service the NHS provides to support people at home so they can free up beds at the hospital.  Its a re-enablement service to get people their independence back to the best of our ability.  I’m very cautious about going into assist people with Covid-19, but we have the PPE we need and we know what to do and all the guidelines to follow.

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