During the Hallé guitar and string project, three members of the Halle orchestra came to work with the guitarists and violinists of St Margaret ward catholic academy. Hannah, Jonathan and Matt came into the school to help the students to arrange their own Spanish themed piece to perform in the foyer of Victoria Hall.

Overall the students had two workshops in school and one at the Victoria Hall. In these workshops the Hallé musicians taught the students a section from the piece Concerto de Aranjuez. Then, they inspired the students to make up their own little section to play. Even when a few students struggled to think of their own piece, the Hallé musicians helped them out and in the end they all had their own section to play. Finally, the students split off into groups and together, made up short Spanish themed pieces to play as a group and overall it sounded amazing.

When the students arrived at the Victoria Hall for a rehearsal, they met world famous Guitarist Craig Ogden who played with them before the concert. He also played with the Hallé Orchestra and was incredible. Craig played a piece to the students and shocked them all as he played.

Performing at the Victoria Hall was such an experience for many of the students including me. Many found it fascinating to watch the type of people they aspire to be and it truly was an inspirational experience.

Performing in front of so many people was very nerve-wracking and scary. However, once the students started playing you would have never known they were nervous as they sounded amazing. As a musician it is always scary to perform in front of people but the students handled their nerves very well and enjoyed this opportunity.

Personally, I really enjoyed the Hallé Guitar and String project as it was fun, interesting and overall a great experience. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to do this and it really inspired me to become a better musician and to work even harder. If the Hallé musicians have taught me anything it is to keep trying and to never give up. This experience was fun and I didn’t want it to end. I think as a group we performed very well and sounded great. Performing at the Victoria Hall was incredible and watching the Hallé Orchestra perform was inspirational. I am very thankful to have had this amazing opportunity and I know that all of the students really enjoyed this experience.

By Amelia, Y9