Savio House

The fourth week of Lent is traditionally known as “Laetare” which means rejoice. This reflects the Gospel readings where we heard some of Jesus’ healing miracles. This week, Year 8 and 9 pupils spent time rejoicing on their annual retreat to Bollington.

On the 20th March, 21 pupils from both Year 8 and 9 departed from St Margaret Ward to spend a few days away on retreat at Savio House. The theme of the retreat was “Bridges” and so pupils spent time reflecting on repairing relationships, forgiveness, celebrating talents, team work and rejoicing as children of God.

The students had a wonderful time being given the opportunity to take part in both reflective activities and some more active sessions too. For example, the group hiked up to White Nancy, competed in races and danced the night away at a disco. This did include some Karaoke where the singing was interesting to say the least! Our small group sessions offered time for thinking and sharing. Pupils also completed affirmation booklets which focused on all of our strengths and talents. The guided meditation and bedtime stories were particularly enjoyable and relaxing ways to end each day.

Taking a step back from our daily routine, being outside in the fresh air and reflecting on the important things in our lives was much needed and thoroughly enjoyed by all.