Secondary Music Share Concert

On Wednesday 22nd March, 15 members of Voicebox, our Academy Choir took part in a ‘Secondary Music Share Concert’ at the Victoria Hall with three other schools from around the City.

The concert was a celebration of the Voice and singing together. Students sang a whole variety of pieces including Sondheim and Queen! One piece in particular was called ‘Little Girl of Rain’ and was extremely atmospheric, talking about a little ghost girl tapping on the window in a storm. Students loved this creepy piece, and in particular enjoyed trying to spook the audience with their lyrics and facial expressions. The concert concluded with Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ which is always a favourite with students and parents alike, everyone was clapping along and having a great time.

Miss Hayes and Mrs Smith are extremely proud of Voicebox, especially as they only had two rehearsals with the animateur, Isobel, before going on stage. To learn the words and be confident on stage in that short of a time frame is incredible. We can’t wait to do more projects like this in the future!