VATION proudly represent SMWCA in FIRST Tech Challenge

VNation returned home after an exhausting yet excitable day of STEM Champs.

They have loved networking, engineering, competing, and sharing knowledge and merchandise with fellow teams.

Seeing Mr Foster in a blue wig was one of the most emotional moments for us all!

Whilst they are not bearing a trophy this year, they come home with heads held high, already planning ideas for next season. Oh…. and a £200 voucher for new equipment, from the Social Media challenge which they won, courtesy of Henry Rushton’s beautiful merch modelling.

We are so proud of VNATION’s efforts and it’s incredible to already hear of their visions for 2025.

As the FIRST Tech Challenge teaches us, ‘It’s more than just robots’. VNATION have done St Margaret Ward proud.
Thank you so much to everyone who has helped get the team to this point….with extra special thanks to:

  • Miss Fallows (for being the wonderful, extremely dedicated Team Lead she is)
  • Mr Foster (engineering extraordinaire, food guru and minibus wizard)
  • Mr Wooldrige (epic volunteer team mentor)
  • Mr Cartwright (additional support and second minibus driver)

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