VNATION Year 5 STEM session

Our First Tech Challenge competition team “VNation” planned STEM activities and invited St Wilfrids Catholic Academy to bring along Year 5 – 44 Year 5 visitors came for the afternoon. We taught our Year 5 classes to do some activities such as: driving robots, designing an obstacle course, making their own team, drawing the team logo and naming it. They made their own robot race track and competed on it.

Our 15 members designed and ran this ourselves and are really happy with how much our Year 5s enjoyed themselves. We hope that we can do this again many times next year and share our love of STEM and teamwork with other primary schools throughout the year! STEM is a big part of our lives as humans and we should never be worried that it’s too hard or that we don’t fit in. Everyone has a place in STEM! Our team learned a lot and came away planning what to improve for next time.

Written by: VNATION & reserve member Humayl.