We’re published authors!

On Tuesday 18th October we had the honour of taking 13 students to Keele University to receive copies of the novels that they wrote in the Summer. These have since been published and are available to purchase on Amazon!

Following a presentation, we were taken for a tour of the campus to see everything from Keele Library to the Observatory. Richard Seymour, the representative from White Water Writers and our ‘tour guide’ for the day contacted us following the trip to say a few words about the day.

“It was so nice to see the writers again. They worked so hard and did so well, I really wanted to do something nice for them. We couldn’t have picked better weather for a campus tour. Keele looked stunning in the autumn sun. It was so important for them to see a working university; to see real students who look just like them walking around. They were fascinated by the different schools, the student accommodation, the shops and restaurants, and the grandeur of Keele Hall with its old-library, giant fireplaces and beautiful gardens. You could see their enthusiasm for their future bristling. They looked around and saw themselves there. University was no longer an abstract concept but a real place that they could work towards. ”

Our students demonstrated exemplary behaviour, and looked to be inspired by the whole experience – if they are able to plan, write and produce a novel in just four short days, there is nothing that they can’t do!