A very high standard seen, and all the cakes and bakes were amazing! A very difficult decision to choose the winners – well done everyone!


Taste – Laila Grimes 7:3

Texture – F. Gebre 7:5

Presentation – S. Podmore 7:4 and K. Hughes 7:6

Creativity – S. Manea

Comments from the judges – 

‘Mia Tomkinson – Lemony yumminess’

‘Lizzie Leese – Very balanced flavour’

‘Darcey-Mae – Lovely decoration’

‘Harley Davies – Amazing flavour’

‘Miss Barnett – A very uplifting design’

‘Lailie-Grace Selvey – Super yum’

‘Ellie McGough – Lovely with a cuppa’

‘Adam Stoner – Lovely and Moist’

‘Cerin Rinu – Beautiful flavour’

‘Nadia Aber Okwera – Beautiful texture’

‘Muhammad Yardan Akhtar – Creative decoration’